Vakil Sahib Ji

Pujya Param Sant Bahadur Chand (Vakil Sahib Ji), son of Sh. Mani Ram Bishnoi (Sihag), and mother Smt. Manohari Devi Ji, is a resident of the village of CHAUTALA, District Sirsa, State Haryana. Country, India. He was born on 10 December 1944 in village Chautala. At the age of 8 years he was admitted in a school of his village, where his teacher while looking at him commented, “This boy is a great soul”. In school, most of the time He remained aloof from other students and always concentrated on dhyan. Once He fell sick, and someone told him to repeat RAM RAM., He did so, and got well. After that He started thinking about what is RAM, how does it live within ourselves, how it affect our body, how do we get knowledge, how to get RAM etc. etc. His parents put him in farming. This didn’t suit him. He always thought about RAM and tried to find him in human being form. There was a Hanuman Temple in his neighborhood where He used to visit several times a day. He also bought HANUMAN CHALISA (a holy book of Hindus, Praising Lord Hanuman, the Hindu God). After passing school He joined Dayanand College in Hissar (Haryana). Where He stayed in Lajpat Rai Hostel and become the President of Arya Samaj Pracharni Sabha. He used to perform Hawan (a kind of holy worship) every week. He also read Satyarth Prakash, and Sukh-Sagar. But these books didn’t satisfy him. He was in search of that thing which could bring a current flowing inside his body to outside. He felt need of a Guru.

Then he graduated from Law College at Chandigarh. Once Sardar Bachchan Singh, Village Chautala (brother of Mahatma Gurdas, a follower of Shah Mastana Balochistani), came to his house and gave him a holy book, Gurmat Sidhaant. Vakil Bahadur Chand Ji liked that book. After going through Gurmat Sidhant He started meeting Sardar Bachan Singh Ji at his house where they used to discuss great saints like Mastana Shah Balochistani of Sacha Sauda and his disciple Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji (Respected Gurbachan Singh ji) They also discussed Dera Jagmalwali, where Manager Sahib was living. After reading Gurmat Siddhant, He (Bahadur Chand Ji) realized that it was impossible to find the real path to reach God without a Guru. After finishing Law in the year 1968 he started practicing in a court at Mandi Dabwali of district Sirsa (Haryana).

One day, he went to Dera Jagmalwali with Sardar Bachchan Singh and listened to Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji’s Satsang explaining shabad Iss Goofa Mein Akhut Bhandara. Manager Sahib Ji explained that everything is within us and so is God. We can find him by chanting Guru’ s Naam, Simran and Satsang. After the satsang he got a chance to meet Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji. Sardar Bachchan Singh introduced him as ‘Vakil Sahib (Advocate)’. Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji said, “Sanu vi ek vakil di lod hai (We also need a Vakil )”. After that Vakil Bahadur Chand started visiting Dera. At that time he used to reach Dera Jagmalwali on foot from his village Chautala which is about 52 km away. He also started performing Sewa in the Dera. Once writing dohas, a person namely Gurdas resident of village Peepli (District Sirsa) came to Dera Jagmalwali. Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji said him that he could narrate the quotes, and Gurdas could write them”. Gurdas said, not to give trouble to Vakil Sahib, he shall do it himself. At this Manger Sahib Ji said, “He will need to quote these dohas later”. Once Vakil Bahadur Chand Ji requested Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji that he wanted to live in the Dera Jagmalwali. Manager Sahib Ji said, “you need to wait another four years”. So for next 4 years, He kept visiting Dera. A small branch of Dera Jagmalwali was built in Village Chautala on the land of Mahatma Gurdas where he used go at night to perform sewa.

After Four years Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji ordered Vakil Bahadur Chand Ji to start living in Dera Jagmalwali. Then he started living in the Dera where he become in charge of the book store. During night hours he started performing sewa in the fields of the Dera. Whenever Param Sant Manager Sahib visited other places for Satsang, Vakil Sahab used to look after the Dera and perform Sewas. Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji always discussed his experiences with Param Sant Mastana Ji. Vakil Sahib Ji started writing all those experiences of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji and also Sakhies of Param Sant Mastana ji, which other followers of Manager Sahib Ji and Mastana Ji shared with him. Once Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji told Vakil Sahib Ji that Satguru is with him. Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji ordered him to look after all the account work of the Dera. There were a number of Sadhus in the Dera, but Vakil Sahib Ji was not only performing his duty but also doing Sewa during night hours and also noting the Bachans of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji in his personal Diary. Most of the time he spent in Simran and Sewa. He never disobeyed the Bachans of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji. Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji always praised Vakil Sahab’s Sewa and Simran and also his tolerance power. In Mandi Dabwali, the premis of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji used to have weekly Satsang which was conducted by some Premis and Sadhus. Once a follower of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji, namely Mahender Kumar Luthra resident of Delhi but who was at the time residing at Mandi Dabwali, requested Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji that the weekly satsang in the areas should be conducted by some Sadhus of the Dera because his speeches gives impression of SATGURU and it will give blessings to the Premis. On the request of Mahender Kumar Luthra, Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji asked Vakil Sahab to conduct Satsang at Mandi Dabwali.

It was in the year 1991 that Vakil Sahib Ji first performed Satsang in Mandi Dabwali. That time people who were listening were feeling the soul of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji amongst themselves. After that, Vakil Sahib Ji started performing Satsangs in different parts of Punjab and Haryana. Once in the year 1991, during a Monthly Bhandara in Dera Jagmalwali, Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji who was not well asked Vakil Sahib Ji to conduct Satsang which Vakil Sahib Ji performed. After the Satsang Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji said,”Vakil ne saadi Dhun le layi hai (Wakil has taken his voice).” It was surprised to see that Vakil Sahib Ji remembered names and addresses of all the devotees of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji. His memory was sharp and he also remembered all the Bachans of Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji and whenever he narrates them in any satsang the people feel Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji’s presence amongst them. Vakil Sahib Ji also started writing a book on the experiences shared by Manager Sahib Ji with him. Before leaving his CHOLA, Param Sant Manager Sahib Ji in the year 1998 asked all the Sangat that now Vakil Sahib Ji will look after Dera Jagmalwali. Param Sant Manger Sahib Ji gave him this duty on 9 August 1998. And since then, He is the GADI NASHIN of Mastana Shah Balochistani Dera Jagmalwali. Param Sant Vakil Sahib Ji always says that Naam, Simran and Satsang are the ways to find Satguru who take care of Zinda Ram, which exists in the heart of everyone. He also stresses on Simran because Simran is the best way to meet Satguru. He also says that Satguru not only cares for those who have taken Naam from Satguru but also keeps care of the family members of those premis.